We are back!好評不斷夏季限定飲品6/1至8/31驚喜回歸!



Event | 沒事喝美式,拍照上傳送好禮


1. 於kafeD任一分店選購「鳳梨沒式」或「葡萄有式」

2. 拍照上傳至Facebook貼文留言處

3. 即可獲得精品咖啡濾掛包乙包(數量有限,送完為止)


▍活動時間:2024/06/01 至 2024/06/30


We are back!!! Be fine with americano! 

No matter whether you're busy or not today, just come to kafeD to get a cup of americano! 

▍Surprise event: 

1. Choose either "Pineapple Americano" or "Grapefruit Americano" at any kafeD branch.

2. Take a photo and upload it to the comment section of Facebook post.

3. You will receive one specialty coffee drip bag (while supplies last).

▍Event time: 2024/06/01 至 2024/06/30